Residential Moving LA

It's More than Moving a Bunch of Boxes!!

It is Your Home and Your Possessions(we respect that!)

Residential moving in Los Angeles is different from other types of moves because a homeowner has valuable possessions that need to be transported intact to the new location. Our professional household movers can handle hundreds of small items, such as delicate china, home decorations, picture frames, musical instruments, and fragile electronics that need to be properly packed and carried.

We treat your possessions with care. Heavy items are moved with dollies and protected with furniture pads. We also have the manpower that allows us to carry big, bulky pieces of furniture easily and smoothly. We utilize ramps on our trucks, and once loaded, we make sure that everything is strapped and protected, in order to minimize shifting during transportation for your move to your new home. The process continues as we unload at your new location. Mindful of the walls and floors, we unload everything in a fast and efficient manner. To be a proper residential moving company in Los Angeles these are the things that need to be addressed to properly do the job!

Experienced Affordable Moving Company in Los Angeles

In our years of service, we have yet to find a grand piano, china cabinet, safe, or chest which is impossible to move. Why are we so confident? Because we have the hardware, abilities, manpower, and know-how to affect your move. When something needs special logistics to be handled and removed from a property, we use calculations and tools such as pulleys and ropes, so that even the heaviest items are moved in a controlled, safe manner that ensures the integrity of your valuables and the safety of our staff. If needed, we also offer additional insurance for your high-value items.

You don’t have to worry about itemized billing. The packing materials (paper, cyram wrap, boxes, etc.) are included in our pricing, which remains competitive across the industry. We ensure that we leave your premises mess-free so that you can enjoy your new location.

Los Angeles was initially founded in 1781 with 14 families. When incorporated in 1850, L.A. had 1610 residents and an area of 28 square miles. Today, there are nearly four million people in an area of 465 square miles!

About 12% of Americans move every year, which translates to nearly 50,000 moves annually in the City of Los Angeles. As much as we’d like to handle all of them, we just can’t. RESERVE YOUR DATE as soon as you can to ensure availability!

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