Residential Moving Los Angeles CA

Residential moving is different from other types of moves, because a homeowner has valuable possessions that need to be transported intact to the new location. In addition, there are hundreds of small items, such as delicate china, home decorations, picture frames, musical instruments, and fragile electronics that need to be properly packed and carried.

We treat your possessions with care. Heavy items are moved with dollies and protected with furniture pads. We also have the manpower that allows us to carry big, bulky pieces of furniture easily and smoothly. We utilize ramps on our trucks, and once loaded, we make sure that everything is strapped and protected, in order to minimize shifting during transportation. The process continues as we unload at your new location. Mindful of the walls and floors, we unload everything in a fast and efficient manner.

In our years of service, we have yet to find a grand piano, china cabinet, safe, or chest which is impossible to move. Why are we so confident? Because we have the hardware. Abilities, manpower and know-how to effect your move. When something needs special logistics to be handled and removed from a property, we use calculations and tools such as pulleys and ropes, so that even the heaviest items are moved in a controlled, safe manner that ensures the integrity of your valuables and the safety of our staff. You don’t have to worry about itemized billing. The packing materials (paper, cyram wrap, boxes, etc.) are included in our pricing, which remains competitive across the industry. We ensure that we leave your premises mess-free, so that you can enjoy your new location.

Apartment Moving Los Angeles CA

Do you have flights and flights of stairs that make your apartment move challenging or difficult? Or how about small elevators or narrow hallways and turns to contend with? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our moving specialist have been trained and have the experience necessary to handle even the most difficult sofa vs narrow hallway challenges.

We also have the muscle power! It takes tremendous physical effort to move a refrigerator or sofa down staircases. When there is no access to an elevator, or the dimensions of the space available are too narrow, you can count on us to be able to have the manpower to go down the stairs on the way out, or up several flights of stairs as you arrive at a new apartment. That is one of the great benefits of hiring a moving company instead of just renting a truck yourself: You have a team of able movers to help you!

In addition, we have all of the necessary moving supplies and materials to make your move speedy and hassle-free. There is no additional charge for these services! Everything is included in our pricing. Whether it is a studio, one-bedroom, or full condo move, we have a pricing structure that you will find affordable and convenient. We also adjust the size of our crews for each job. Don’t worry about not enough of us showing up, or too many showing up for a one-room apartment. We’ll determine the size of the job and arrive with a friendly, capable crew ready to take on the job.

Office Moving Los Angeles CA

One of the key features of our office moving service, is that you can hire us with complete confidence. We are a registered California business, have the backing of dozens of positive reviews, and are fully licensed and insured. Office moving has its own set of challenges. There are cubicles and belongings to be labeled for each employee, expensive office equipment such as high-end copiers and projectors, and dozens or hundreds of computer equipment that needs to be handled with the proper care. We have helped everything from home offices to entire corporations move. And our clients are always glad that they hired us.

When we start an office move, we ensure that things are labeled for each employee or associate. We then package everything using bubble wrap and other packing materials so that computer equipment is handled in a safe and efficient manner. Office supplies, copiers, toner, and decorations are also labeled and handled so that they arrive at the new location and are placed in the proper department, That way, we prevent items from being misplaced or misdirected.

Office furniture is also handled with the utmost care. We realize that office equipment is often leased, or perhaps you have expensive desks and chairs that require special handling. That is why we use the padded dollies and hand trucks, as well as trained specialists who will make sure that everything arrives in one piece. Max Power movers is simply your best option when you need to move your office, whether you have one employee or a hundred.

Local Moving Company Los Angeles CA

Are you moving just a few of miles, from Westwood to Hollywood? Or perhaps moving across a greater distance, from the heart of Los Angeles to San Bernardino? No matter what the distance, we are the preferred mover of choice for Southern California residents. Because we are a local company, we are familiar with the nuances of traffic across the area. We can also provide more customized customer service, because we have the capacity to meet with you in person to discuss your move, as opposed to national chains that you can only access through pesky call centers. When you call us, you will get a live, friendly representative.

We love our neighbors and live in the community, and therefore have great pricing for Southern California residents, from San Diego to Mojave. Our staff is composed of dedicated specialists who work for us full-time and are not hired on a temporary basis. They are experienced and dedicated, and love working in the area that they call home. Indeed, most of us, including the founders, have worked with Max Power Movers for years, now each other, have a spirit of teamwork unparallelled across the industry.

Some of our customers who moved a few years back are glad to find the same friendly personnel when they hire us for a new move. In addition, we love to give back to the community. We offer special, low and no-cost pricing to senior citizens, schools and churches.



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