Long Distance Moving Company Los Angeles
Long Distance Moving Company Los Angeles

What are the main concerns that our customers have when they need a long-distance move? First, they are concerned about their items not shifting and getting damaged during the long drive. Second, they are worried about their belongings being parked at unsecured locations overnight. That is why we put the safety of our customers’ belongings first.

When we pack everything, we make sure that your belongings are strapped, protected and secured inside the walls of our trucks. We make stops during the drive to ensure that the contents have not moved or shifted. And when a trip takes more than a day, we park our trucks at well-lit stops. The trucks remain locked and within eyesight of our drivers.

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We at Max Power Movers know what it is like to wait for the moving truck to arrive after long days of an interstate drive. We know that you can be without furniture or perhaps even a bed to sleep in while your truck arrives. That is why we schedule everything with precise logistics, to minimize wait times and maximize efficiency. We make sure that we work with your schedule and show up at your new home on the scheduled date.

Our pricing takes into account the mileage and materials needed. Rest assured that you will not be surprised by unwanted extra fees and cost. When we make a customized quote, we cover it all. Count on Max Power movers to make your interstate or long distance move a pleasant and affordable one!

If you are moving (one day service available!) north from Los Angeles to San Francisco,  it will take about 6 hours for the nearly 400 mile trip. We’ll probably take Route 5 North*.

If you are planning on heading south from L.A. to San Diego, it’s usually under a three hour trip, and about 125 miles. We’ll probably take Route 5 South*.

*times and mileage may vary, depending on traffic and time of day.
GPS is our friend on the road.

Long Distance Moving Company

Need a long distance moving company? We are a one stop solution for all of your long distance moving needs. Whatever you are planning to move: one piece of furniture, a house, or an office we got you covered.

We offer packing services, packing materials, storage and Insurance for your peace of mind.

We have secured non-accessible to public warehouses where you can store everything you need. Rates apply, of course, but we’re striving to be loyal and reasonable when it comes to money.

Using Max Power Movers is one of the best decisions you can make for your move. We will:

  • choose a proper-sized truck for your belongings
  • pack belongings so that there’s no scratch on any item when you move to the new home
  • Label and Organize personal items
    bring your belongings safely to your new home

Our long-distance moving includes:

As of now, we have these routes: Los Angeles to San Diego, Los Angeles to Las Vegas, Los Angeles to San Francisco. These moves are usually the most common and the most difficult to do alone, so our professional team decided to be there for our customers.

Long-distance moving can be one of the two things:

chill and comfortable with a company that takes care of everything;
stressful and exhausting when you’re not sure if all your belongings will reach the destination.

The key to turning the second outcome into the first is a proper long distance moving company.

You should choose a mover that:

has a reasonable price list and doesn’t charge a fortune for a move;
is ready to provide an honest quote without hidden fees
is responsible and hires professionals in packing, moving, organizing, and driving.

To find out more about how we can help you move to another city, call us or leave a message on the Contact Us page. We’ll reply as soon as your message is delivered to our support team.

Max Power Moving company has it all and much more. Call us and get your own quote in less than 60 seconds!
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